Leadership Council

The GBC family is represented by our Church Leadership Council. The six ministry chairpeople, along with the Moderator, Treasurer, and Church Clerk, guide the congregation, pastors, and staff on the church’s overall ministry, goals, and stewardship of church resources.

2017 Church Leadership Chairs
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Church Officers

Celaine Krois

Daniil Reouk

No photo male
Dennis Glover

Financial Secretary
no- photo female
Annetta Guenther

Leadership Council Chairs

Missions and Outreach

Phil Mastrocola

Community Life
no- photo female
Rosa Guerrero

Christian Education
no- photo female
Diana Ferguson

No photo male
Bill Brooks

No photo male
Stephen Riddle

no- photo female
Marge Burns


Ex-Officio Members

Sr. Pastor
Rev. Dr. Liliana Da Valle

Associate Pastor
Nathan Henning

Nathan Henning

Campus Chaplain
No photo male
Mike Daggett

Jail Chaplain
Rev. Louann Roberts

Rev. Louann Roberts

Ministry Teams

Administration Team
The Administration Team is a five member board who is responsible for planning and oversight of the building and its use, stewardship education and resource development, monitoring the financial assets of the church and performing the church’s annual audit.

Roosevelt Rich, Nathan Henning, Mike Daggett, Stephen Riddle, Debi Simonsen, Tatyana Lavway

Roosevelt Rich, Nathan Henning, Mike Daggett, Stephen Riddle, Debi Simonsen, Tatyana Lavway

The Board of Deacons is a five member board and is responsible for planning for and oversight of programs which require the calling of or care for members and prospects, the ushers, greeters, and worship.
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Stephen Ministers
Stephen’s Ministry is a group of pastors and lay people who are dedicated to the care and well being of members of the congregation and the community; who are in crisis and may need someone to listen listen to their stories and provide options for further care.

Marge Burns, Dené Mathews, Joy Sweeting, Dennis Glover

Marge Burns, Dené Mathews, Joy Sweeting, Dennis Glover


Staff Relations
The members of staff relations are vital to the management of church staff. Staff Relations is responsible for overseeing the personnel policies of the church, reviewing employee’s job performance, resolution of grievances and review of personnel policies.

Pastoral Search Committee
The Pastoral Search Committee is composed of six members of the congregation, two from Staff Relations, the church moderator and three elected members from the congregation. The committee takes the necessary steps to secure a pastor or other leadership staff member should an opening in those positions take place. The Committee investigates the merits of each candidate with regard to personal character, education, ministerial record, and preaching ability, or his or her adequacy in the area of his/her specialization in determining their qualifications.