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May 2017

Dear Reader,

Hello friends,

May brings with it the smell of flowers, the warmer weather, and exuberance of trees and birds everywhere.  This is the month of family; we celebrate mothers of every kind in May: women who had children, women who adopted children, and women who have big hearts and love everyone as mothers.

During this month of May, Grace Baptist Church is restarting our ministry with the homeless and our showers program. We have redesigned our programs to be more effective in the way we serve people in need.

This month we have our spring business meeting on the 21st. Instead of a potluck we are having a BBQ, so the meeting will be in the gym.

Please remember that we continue our classes for leaders and new disciples. Dr. Divya Reouk will continue the series of three classes for parents of young children. All these classes take place monthly.

We hope to see you around.

Thank you.

The Grace Staff

Birthdays This Month

Anna Hadley                     5/02
Bryan McKernon            5/11
Jane Stroud                       5/11
Kathie Burnett                 5/17
Carolyn Carlquist           5/24
Kenan Mathews               5/25


Rev. Dr. Liliana Da Valle

Grace Living

Last night I watched the movie La La Land (spoiler alert!). Aside from the exceptional acting and the superb filmography, the story itself is of little interest: a couple of artists who are trying to make it in Hollywood and the world. The frustrations, encouragements, and deceptions of young people in a world that keeps demanding success and offers not enough support to achieve it. A young couple that is also trying to make it as a couple with all the difficulties this entails in the 21st century.

The title may refer to the emptiness of Tinseltown or the superficial race to become famous. However, I think La La Land is, in the end, a reference to the alternative reality that we all wish we had. What if? seems to be the most popular question in our minds when we consider how bleak reality truly is in our churches, communities and world. What if we had a different president? What if we had a different pastor, or moderator in the church? What if North Korea were a faithful partner in the concert of Nations?

Alternative reality is an illusion; we must learn to deal with the facts we have in hand. We all have our visions of the future in life, but those utopias are not going to happen just because we dream of them. Faith is not a pipe-dream. Faith is the certainty that even though things are not too encouraging right now, God will make everything better in due time. We may be sick and in need of healing; or we may homeless and in need of housing, but neither healing nor housing will just happen because we want them.

First, we must trust God with all our heart and all our strength. Trusting God is at the beginning of any positive journey in human life. Then we need to do due diligence to change our situation, by following God’s lead. Prayer is not just presenting God with a grocery list of our needs; when we pray we must also act accordingly. Finally, we should change our values to match those of the Kingdom of God and adjust our goals to those God wants us to achieve. If our goals are different than those of God for our lives, we will probably fail to reach them.

Jesus came to our world and died at the cross to show us that we can live by a different set of rules: those of the Kingdom. He came to tell us that we must navigate the systems of this world, but not accommodate to its La La Land mentality. The ‘winners and losers’ mentality of the world have nothing to do with the revolutionary nature of Jesus’ love for everyone. When we watch the news these days, we should remember the words of the Master: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Community of Grace

Easter Sunday



Celebrating our Risen Lord on Easter Sunday was a great experience with the Baptism of Jacob Jimenez ​and an exciting Children’s story with CeCe Krois.







Irma’s 99th Birthday

​Grace Baptist member Annetta Guenther’s mother Irma, who regularly attends church, celebrates her 99th birthday on April 2nd during Fellowship time.




April 2017 GBC Leadership Minutes

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Church Moderator – Celaine opened meeting at 6:36pm

Opening Prayer – Liliana

Present: Liliana DaValle, CeCe Krois, Dennis Glover, Debi Simonsen, Nathan Henning, Daniil Reouk, Marge Burns, Phil Mastracola, :  Rosa Guererro,

​Visitor Jerel Ellison

Absent:  Bill Brooks,  Stephen Riddle, Mike Daggett,

Last Month’s Minutes – approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report – Daniil/Nathan

Congregational giving.$35,746, Budget $36,700, Total Income $152,926, Budget $155240, Homeless Ministries expenses $22,083, Budget $21,152, Total expenses $126,452. Budget $125,222.  Net Income, $26,473 Budget $-30,018. Cash on Hand $21,750

Discussion of repaying the $25,000 personal loan. Decision to Pay $4,000 lump sum and payments of $1000 a month. Leadership  approved unanimously

Pastor’s Report – Rev. Liliana

  • Spring Retreat report
  • Renters for Basement and Blue House
  • GBC and sanctuary movement
  • Strategic growth is happening
  • Discussion of Long term housing with Beacon Communities
  • June 30-July 2 Biennial in Portland Oregon. Deadline to register June 15.
  • Potential Tenant.Opening Doors 2020
  • Jerel Ellison has questions about the Sanctuary movement

Associate Pastor’s Report – Nathan

  • New office printer
  • Staying in touch with Lee Shatto

Campus Ministry Report – Mike

  • No Students during summer months from middle of May through September and will start with the next semester

Ministry Team Reports:

Administration – Bill/Daniil

  • Roof and Solar Panels progression reports Roof foaming by Armstrong scheduled for May 1st, PG&E solar agreement signed and is in progress. Building wiring to be done.
  • Kitchen water heater replacement progress. Still in progress
  • Mice eradication is still in progress.
  • Hand dryer installation waiting quotes
  • Quote needed for electrical switch room expansion base of stairs

Community Life – Rosa/Jason

  • Parking lot BBQ/picnic is cancelled
  • BBQ to be part of May Business Meeting and Pot Luck, bring side dishes and deserts
  • June 17 is Neighbor party, 5-7 pm

Mission & Outreach – Phil

  • Task Force Report – CeCe/Dennis/Bill/Phil/Liliana
    • Sanctuary Camp Status:
    • Opens May 1st
    • Only 12 members
    • To sleep in Fireside Room on cots
    • Zero tolerance regarding behavior
    • Use gym storage closet for personal items
    • Paid staff ($1,500 per month; total cost estimate $3,000)
    • Faith in Action shelter program

Spiritual Formation – Debi

  • Divya classes
  • Leadership classes – 1st Tuesday of each month
  • Discipleship classes – 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Sunday Morning names is morphing to Sunday Bible Study.

Worship – Stephen

  • Easter Lilies obtained with help from Brad Handshy
  • Palms obtained for  Palm Sunday

Deacons – Marge

  • Stephen helped with the Baptism

Old Business:

  • Raises for staff at 1%, Tabled

New Business:

Next Meetings:

  • Next Leadership Meeting, May 18, 2017
  • Spring Business Meeting and Pot Luck with BBQ, Sunday, May 21, 2017

Closing Prayer –Liliana closed in prayer at 8:37pm

Respectfully Submitted

Dennis A. Glover

GBC Church Clerk

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, May 2, 6:30pm           –   Monthly Class for Leaders (Walters Room)
  • Wednesday, May 3, 11:00am     –   Staff Meeting (Walters Room)
  • Tuesday, May 9, 6:30pm           –   Monthly Discipleship Class (Walters Room)
  • Wednesday, May 10, 11:00am   –   Staff Meeting (Walters Room)
  • Wednesday, May 17, 11:00am   –   Staff Meeting (Walters Room)
  • Sunday, May 21, 12:30pm        –   Spring Business Meeting and BBQ (Gym)
  • Tuesday, May 23, 6:30pm         –   Early Childhood Lectures – Vaccinations (Walters Room)
  • Wednesday, May 24, 11:00am   –   Staff Meeting (Walters Room)
  • Sunday, May 28, 10:00am        –   New Members Class – Part 3 (Collins room)


Weekly Bible Studies and Small Groups

Sunday School – 9:45am                                     (Walters Room)

Grace Baptist Church Information

Sunday Worship at 11am

(child care is available)

Bible Studies 9:45am (Walters Room)

Senior Pastor
Rev. Dr. Liliana Da Valle

Associate Pastor

Nathan Brittsan

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Mon – Fri 10:00am – 3:00pm

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