The Grace Chimes – This Month’s Issue

October 2017

Dear Reader, 

Grace Baptist Church is excited about this month of October!

We are celebrating more baptisms on the 8th during our morning service. This is a great event for the church; please make sure to be with us that day.

A small group from GBC is traveling to Seattle to participate in Evergreen’s annual meeting. We will represent our church and meet the new Executive Minister (conditional to caucuses’ affirmation). We will also have a retirement banquet for Marcia. Blessings to you, our dear friend!

By the end of the month, the weekend of 27-29, we will make our annual trip to Lillaskog for a wonderful retreat time. Join us!

In Christ,

The Staff of Grace

Birthdays This Month

Cheryl Evans                10/01
Marcia Patton               10/06
Deborah Hall                10/07
Mike Daggett                10/09
Dennis Glover               10/11
Rita Camacho               10/14
Barbara Kellogg           10/21
Gwen Nail                     10/23
Chris Young                  10/23
Daryl Lavway               10/27


Rev. Dr. Liliana Da Valle

Grace Living

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet.”(Matthew 24:6)
I have never been a prophet of doom. I’ve learned in my preaching class many years ago that preaching is to be positive. And yet sometimes, it is difficult. Recently, I’ve preached from the prophet Nahum; the one who prophesized the destruction of Nineveh and the downfall of the Assyrian Empire. The whole book, three chapters, is filled with announcements of destruction, suffering, and calamities. It was really hard to find a piece in that book where there was any hope at all. Oh, but Nahum 1:15 talks about those who announce peace. This unique verse in contrast with the rest of the book encourages the people of God to celebrate.
As children of God in these days, we are tempted to cry with Psalm 137 about our sad endeavors. Here we are in the midst of a city and county where the housing crisis is the worst in their history. We see gentrification happening in plain sight; people are pushed away by those who can afford more for rent or mortgage. Saddened by the images of hundreds of homeless people roaming the streets in our own neighborhoods, we get home and turn on our TV’s for a little distraction but, oh no! the news is on: hurricanes destroy thousands of homes in Houston and Florida, the Caribbean is devastated, two huge earthquakes in Mexico. Well, we say to ourselves, natural disasters; nothing we can do about that other than giving some money in church on Sunday to send relief to the victims.
Other news hits the screen: more Black men killed by White policemen. Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Florida. People killed in protests all around the Country because of KKK and Nazi demonstrations. Stop, please! Change the channel. What? Have we declared war against North Korea? They want to shoot a nuclear bomb to our West Coast? No more, please; no more…!!!!
And we wonder, how can we sing the Lord’s song in this land?
By remembering that God is our refuge, that He’ll protect us in the hollow of His hand. Remember, my dear friends, the word from the Lord encouraging us to celebrate our relationship with Him and believing that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus; Not even death!

Community of Grace

Visit with the Vaughans

On Saturday, September 16, 2017,
Rev. Liliana Da Valle and Celaine “CeCe” Krois drove to Sonora, CA, to visit with Grace Baptist members Glenn andDoris Vaughan who along with Doris’ daughter Leeann moved there last July. The Vaughans love their new home and Sonora itself, but miss their friends at GBC. They therefore are looking forward to attending the Annual GBC Retreat at Lillaskog, which is a bed and breakfast inn in Groveland, CA, owned by GBC member Bill Charlson. Besides a lovely visit with Glenn and Doris, Liliana and CeCe also enjoyed lunch with them at a local Mexican restaurant and a drive through the countryside.

September Birthday Luncheon

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, eight ladies of Grace Baptist assembled at Pruneyard’s Rock Bottom Brewery/Café in order to celebrate Celaine “CeCe” Krois’ birthday. These ladies included Marge BurnsJessica BrooksJeanne WardripAnnetta GuntherRebecca GuntherBianca Luna, and Rev. Liliana Da Valle

American Baptist Women’s Ministry

One of Grace Baptist’s American Baptist Women (ABW) Ministry projects includes filling 26 hand sewn ditty bags made by Phyllis Sehlmeyerwith items such as caps knitted by Marge Burns and Debi Simonsen, warm socks, tooth paste and tooth brushes, shaving cream and razors, chap stick, band aids, deodorant, playing cards, sewing kits, and hard candy. Then they are donated to the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate based in the Port of Oakland. The ditty bags are combined with hundreds of other donated bags and distributed as Christmas gifts to seafarers who are in harbor during the holidays. Those GBC ABW members who were present to help fill the ditty bags with the above listed items, included Marge Burns, Jessica Brooks, Joanne Schmidt, Bianca Luna (she took the accompany photo), Jeanne Wardrip, and Celaine Krois.  Those members not present but who donated items were Louann Roberts and Lee Shatto.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, October 3, 6:30pm – Monthly Class for Leaders (Walters Room)
  • Tuesday, October 10, 6:30pm – Monthly Discipleship Class (Walters Room)
  • Thursday, October 19, 6:30pm – Leadership Meeting (Walters Room)
  • Sunday, January 28 2018, 1:30pm – Annual Business Meeting Meeting (Fireside Room)


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