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On This page, you will find writings by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Liliana Da Valle.  She writes a monthly column in the Grace Chimes newsletter also.  Check out the current issue of THE CHIMES here.

A message from Pastor Liliana…

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Grace Living

August is a very interesting month. On one hand, it’s a great month because is the last month of summer; a month to do all those things we want to do while the days are warm and long, and the work is light and relaxed. We can still take time to take children and grandchildren to the zoo or to museums, or just to the park because they are out of school. We can go to the beach, or just to a swimming pool and enjoy the coolness of water during the hottest days of summer. We can have a lot of fun traveling, staying up late, or just lazing around.

On the other hand, August is s terrible month because it is the last month of summer. This is when we need to start preparing for coming back from vacations, sending the kids back to school, and tackling all those projects we’ve been neglecting because it was summer and we had better things to do.

At Grace, we have a little bit of both perspectives this August. Our activities are still light, but we are already preparing for a busy and blessed fall season. As all of this happens, we still have the aftertaste of two national presidential conventions in our mouths. All those speeches and criticisms, all those truths and lies, all those people on both sides of the political spectrum giving out their best messages of hope and fear… Did you have enough?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ I want to invite you to think about the next three months in our country, and all the other talks and truths that will flood the news about the presidential campaign until election day in November. We will not be able to escape it! And it’s not good to escape it either. This is our responsibility as citizens to understand the political process and the platforms of candidates to make informed decisions about our future leadership.

So, in order to help a little in sorting out the complicated landscape, please allow me to offer unsolicited advice:

  • Analyze track records of candidates
  • Don’t believe everything you hear; everybody offers their own truth
  • Don’t vote out of fear
  • Remember that the election is much more than choosing a new president; we’ll also choose new senators, representatives, local leaders, and 12 States will elect new governors. Pay attention to them as well
  • Often times, prophets don’t run for office, but their voices need to be heard

If you are disillusioned with our political process, let me remind you that we are the best functioning democracy in the world. I came from a Country where we never knew when the next coup was coming, and democratically elected presidents seldom finished their terms of government. Let us all be thankful for a Nation where, even being far from perfect, we all can have hope in the future.

Let us continue to pray for the problems, though, that we face in our daily living. Let us desire with all our hearts to see the end of poverty, homelessness, racism, and violence in our lifetime. Let us trust God with our lives and the lives of our fellow human beings; let us wish the best for everyone, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.