Message - Louann May 3, 2020

Restrictions are getting stricter. The toll around us is getting heavier.
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Message - Louann May 3, 2020

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Psalm 23 Study Questions
Getting Rest

1. What personal connections do you make with this psalm?
2. How are you aware of God’s skillful eye upon your needs?
3. God’s work is all about staying connected to you. How can you become more aware of this during times of stress and worry?
4. As you shelter in place, is there friction in the home? How are you responding to this tension? What do you need to lessen the stress?
a. Are you feeling unsafe? (See numbers below.)
5. Where is God amidst the pests of worry? What resources has the Lord given you through the Spirit to bring relief?

Some ideas: daily Bible reading, prayer, listening to music, singing along with worship songs, writing, drawing, coloring pages, journaling, talking with friends.

7. What spiritual food do you need to feed your soul today? Do you want suggestions for resources for spiritual growth?

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