A letter from our Campus Minister

Restrictions are getting stricter. The toll around us is getting heavier.
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A letter from our Campus Minister

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Rev. Bianca Luna
Campus Minister

Dear Grace Baptist Church Family,

While I was hoping to tell you all in person, but given the circumstances of our pandemic this email will have to do. On March 10th, I turned in my letter of resignation to our church in both roles as Associate Pastor of Campus Ministry and Administrative Assistant. My last day will be May 10th. I will be preaching that Sunday, Lord willing, if the “shelter in place” has been lifted and it is safe to have in-person services again.

This was not an easy decision, but it was clear this was a natural closing of doors, if you will. The last of our college students in the college ministry will be graduating in May and with recently completing my ordination, it is time to go into the next season of life. Please know I made this big decision after truly drenching it in discernment, prayer, consideration of our students and the church, and the counsel from cherished loved ones.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU for being my church family the last 2.5 years. I have learned so much; I have received lots of compassion and love from many of you reading this right now. GBC does an incredible job at truly loving all people and takes the gospel very seriously when it comes to loving “the least of these.” Church, your love for Jesus shines so brightly when I see you loving your community. San Jose is a better city because where our church is, right in the heart of this city. The rich history of this church and the way you have faithfully loved this community for over 100 years is admirable. I feel honored to have received that love as well. I am forever grateful and feel indebted to Grace Baptist Church for being my ordaining church; I do not take that lightly.
While change and entering next seasons are scary, it is also really exciting when you know God is paving the way. Please remember me in your prayers as I enter in this next season. Pray I continue to be an obedient servant and answer the next call God has for me with an open heart and arms.

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe in these times of the unknown. I am praying for our church, that each one of you feels God’s love. May you during these times of isolation, still feel God’s love and presence around you; know and never forget that God is with you always! Please don’t be a stranger. This extroverted pastor is so sad I cannot be with you in person right now but know that I am available by phone and email anytime!!

Thank you for everything, family. I hope we can see each other in person on May 10th or sooner!

Abundance of Grace and Love,

Rev. Bianca Luna

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