Letter from the Pastor: March 27, 2020

Restrictions are getting stricter. The toll around us is getting heavier.
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Letter from the Pastor: March 27, 2020

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The Legacy of Caring

by Thandeka

Despair is my private pain
Born from what I have failed to say
failed to do
failed to overcome.
be still my inner self
let me rise to you

Let me reach down into your pain
and soothe you.
I turn to you
to renew my life
I turn to the world
the streets of the city
the worn tapestries of
brokerage firms
crack dealers
private estates
personal things in the bag lady’s cart
rage and pain in the faces that turn form me
afraid of their own inner worlds.

This common world I love anew
as the life blood of generations
who refused to surrender their humanity
in an inhumane world
courses through my view.

From within this world
my despair is transformed to hope
and I begin anew
the legacy of caring.

We are living in a unique time; one of uncertainty and confusion. Our lives have dramatically changed. The challenge for many of us is, how do we begin to transform despair into hope. We are “locked down” in our homes. We are physically disconnected from Church, family, and friends – from our parents, children and grandchildren. We can feel the confusion, depression and being out of place -- strangers in a strange land; much like Israel when they were exiled from their land and taken to Babylon. They were cut off from family, community and the Temple.

It is all too easy to get depressed and lose hope when we are isolated and alone. We are confronted by chaos, indecision, and deceitful information. This can turn into a downward spiral, where hope seems illusive. The Psalmist, in Exile, often returns to this struggle of, where is our hope and what is it based on?

Ultimately, it comes down to the foundation of our lives. God loves us as God’s children. We are not being punished or tested. The Lord is right here with us sharing in all our feelings of pain and confusion, of fear.

We are not alone; our hope is empowered by the Grace of Love. We are called upon to trust in this love of Jesus, and to remember all the ways he has been with us, especially in our times of great need.

Trusting God’s love reveals many new perspectives of comfort, fellowship, and renewed vigor to explore all the different ways we are loved by God and how we may respond. As we trust our Lord’s love, we can also open the gifts of compassion, care, and justice. Can we recognize how our elders and those who are sick in our community feel shut in? How do they keep their sense of hope when they are unable to leave their homes, visit with family and friends or go to church? Can we get a glimpse of the pain of our folks that are without homes and are houseless? They too must shelter in place, but where? Under a freeway or in a crowded emergency shelter?

May our trust in God allow and empower us to see the problems of wealth and inequality and inspire us to stand together and advocate for the care of our brothers and sisters, for the most vulnerable among us. May our trust in God enable us to know that we are a citizen of the world.

May our hope enable us to continue to reach out to one another, especially to those that need it the most. There are a few things that we can do to serve folks:
  • We can make phone calls and emails, especially to people that re living alone.
  • We can go on “social distancing” walks with one another.
  • We can have social gatherings by zoom or other devices.
  • We can bake cookies and cakes or pies etc for our Fire Station # 8 or for the Shelter or for friends.
  • We can donate to Grace Baptist for our outreach.
  • We can donate to Grace Solutions to help with the needs of our Shelter and those who are house-less.

We are all in this together. May our despair be transformed to hope and to begin anew, the legacy of caring

Blessing of Health and Peace

Pastor Dav
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