March 2020

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March 2020

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We pray you are enjoying the peace of Christ in this season of Lent. Included in this newsletter are some of the most recent contemporary worship songs that the Grace family is learning. We hope you enjoy listening and learning these new songs.

Pastor's Corner
Rev. David Robinson
Interim Pastor

As we enter into the Lenten Season, Ash Wednesday was 2/26, we remember it is a time of preparation for Easter. It's a time for reflection, and meditation on our inner lives. If being a Christian means imitating Christ in his self -sacrificial offering on the Cross, how are following in his example? Are we looking at what is getting in the way of our walk in faith?

All of us experience the temptations that divert our attention from our spiritual priorities. Perhaps in this 40 Day time of being "in the wilderness" we can open ourselves to the Spirit's guidance and ask the Lord to search our souls, to bring our sins, our self- imposed limitations, our fears and our insecurities to the front of our consciousness. Denial is such a strong force in our lives, and few of us enjoy being criticized. The work of digging deep down into our souls can be painful. The reward of being honest with self or listening to the wisdom of our Lord can be very freeing and empowering, if not enlightening. To know what we need to repent of, or where we may work on ourselves is the first step to healing. Even though we may feel alone in this, we are not alone in the walk. Trusting in the love of God, we know we may be forgiven of all, we are never abandoned or rejected, and there is nothing that can separate us from God. So too we walk with one another in the Grace fellowship. You are invited to contact me if you wish pastoral counsel or someone to listen. We have Stephen Ministers and Deacons available to help us walk this journey together.

May we recognize when we are imitating Jesus in our compassionate outreach to others, when we find innovative ways to express our loving concern and respect for someone who is feeling devalued. May we also have the courage and trust to reach out in our need and if we are feeling lost.

May our lives be inspired by the power of hope that Jesus lived even unto death, that we know we are loved and there is meaning to our being.

Blessings of Peace
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