About Us

A welcoming congregation serving the Downtown Community.

Greetings and welcome to Grace Baptist Church! We want to thank you for your interest in our church. We are a small but vibrant and welcoming congregation located in downtown San Jose adjacent to San Jose State University. We desire to serve our community and any others who come through our doors from beyond our community’s location.

We believe in the the calling of God… that God has called the people of Grace Baptist Church:

As led of the Spirit of God:
To be the body of Christ;
To be a sharing, caring, praying part of that body of Christ;
To be a growing, serving part of that body of Christ;
To be reaching out in God’s love with compassion and hope for all;
To be peacemakers and advocates of reconciliation.

We have learned to not apologize for who we are. We are flawed individuals led together to  be the hands and feet of Jesus on this planet.  We are diverse, and we are not homogeneous. We are ignorant and we are learned.  We are homeless and bourgeouse.  In short, we are a church.

We are a church with a rich history, not only of sharing God’s Love for all people, but also seeking social and economic justice for the less fortunate, powerless, and voiceless members of our community and the larger world. We welcome all of God’s children, especially those who are seeking, searching or even uncertain about life and faith and service.

May the Peace of Christ be with you.


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