Psalm 39 says:
I will praise:
I am wonderfully made;
what you do is marvelous,
I feel it in my soul.


I was walking to work, and saw this engine.  I am not a good mechanic.  I mean I can fix anything, but when other people, the “good” mechanics can fix something in thirty minutes, it takes me a couple of days.  It’s not because I drop my tools, (though I am usually slowed down by “righty tighty”– does that mean clock wise (where the bottom goes rightwards, or counter clockwise, where the top goes right wards? I was pretty good at tightening jar lids and screws until someone quoted “righty tighty, lefty loosey” to me in the eighties. . .Life was never simple again. . . but I digress.) it’s because there is a lot of stuff in an engine compartment.  I just look, and look, and fiddle. . . and don’t forget the instructions.  I’m the kind of person who reads them, counts the parts (several times) organizes them by size, shape, color and function or whatever else strikes my fancy, and still, tries to do something creative (aka. wrong).

My neighbors, love their cars. Thy love their engines,  They have chrome plated breather covers!  They know how the whole thing goes together.

When I see anything well made, well designed, and running, I spend just a moment in prayer.   God is the great designer. God is the great mechanic.  God is the great engineer.